videos from the web including various performers singing Richard's songs, promos and other fun things.

promo video for CHANCE recording


The amazing and ridiculously talented Randy Roberts performing "Somethin' Cooked Up In Your Mind" from CHANCE


Randy Roberts, who created the role of The Lady, recording "Don't Ask For The Moon" from CHANCE in the studio- this song was eventually replaced in the final version of the show.  Inspired by the classic final line from "Now Voyager" with the immortal Bette Davis.  The lyric is mostly made of famous classic movie lines.  See if you can guess all of them.


The end of "Now Voyager" which inspired the song "Don't Ask For The Moon" from CHANCE


The wonderful and talented Tom Reardon, Alameda County Superior Court Judge and crooner extraordinaire singing "Somethin' Cooked Up In Your Mind" from CHANCE